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Photo Gallery

"Lights Camera Action"

Gary Cooper (seated to the left) charms the press and the committee at HUAC's Oct. 23, 1947, hearing. ACME/LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

The Liberals

The Committee for the First Amendment, led by Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, gathers outside the Capitol to protest HUAC's 1947 hearings. PHOTOFEST

Carl Foreman, dressed in blue suit and "a very sincere tie," faces the microphones on the witness table at HUAC's September 24, 1951, public hearing. COURTESY OF EVE WILLIAMS-JONES/WRITERS GUILD FOUNDATION

Seven of the Hollywood Ten in 1950 on their way to the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C., to face trial for contempt of Congress. From the left: Sam Ornitz, Ring Lardner Jr., Albert Maltz, Alvah Bessie, Lester Cole, Herbert Biberman and Edward Dmytryk. All of the ten would be convicted and serve prison time. ASSOCIATED PRESS/LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

The Red hunters of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1947---from left to right, Rep. Richard B. Vail, Chairman J. Parnell Thomas, Rep. John McDowell, chief investigator Robert E. Stripling, and a young and dedicated Rep. Richard M. Nixon. ACME/LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

Hedda Hopper

An insouciant Hedda Hopper, Hollywood's gossip column queen, in one of her trademark hats. "Gary Cooper has always talked very freely with me," she told her readers, which was mostly true. PHOTOFEST

Rocky and Coop

The Good Life: Gary Cooper and his elegant wife, Veronica, boarding a yacht in 1936. PHOTOFEST


The "High Noon" cast in costume and Carl Foreman take a television break. Were they watching the HUAC hearings in downtown Los Angeles? PHOTOFEST/UNITED ARTISTS/PARAMOUNT


Gary Cooper, Fred Zinnemann and Grace Kelly consult on the set of High Noon. PHOTOFEST

Will Kane and his new bride, Amy, just after their wedding ceremony, face four dear friends, played by (left to right) Lon Chaney Jr., Thomas J. Mitchell, Harry Morgan, and Otto Kruger, all of whom will soon betray him. PHOTOFEST

Brando and Kramer

Marlon Brando and Stanley Kramer dine at Armando's in Brooklyn in 1950, the year they made "The Men," Brando's first feature film. PHOTOFEST

Martin Berkeley

Screenwriter Martin Berkeley, a former member of the American Communist Party, who in 1951 publicly named more than 150 people as current or former Communists, including Carl Foreman. COURTESY OF BILL BERKELEY

Carl Foreman

The horn-rimmed glasses, the quizzical expression, the omnipresent cigarette---Carl Foreman in 1961. COLUMBIA PICTURES/PHOTOFEST

Will Kane

Marshal Will Kane on his way to meet his fate. JOHN SPRINGER COLLECTION/GETTY IMAGES

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