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The book tour for Shooting Midnight Cowboy makes its way to Savannah GA, where I'll be appearing live at the Savannah Book Festival Feb. 17 thru 20 (click here). Details to come.

Check out this link to "The Dark, Enduring Beauty of Midnight Cowboy," an interview I did in early May with Nathan Cone of Texas Public Radio in San Antonio.

Listen to my interview with cinephile Todd Melby for his lively podcast "The Drunk Projectionist" posted on Aug. 19: Click Here

Click on this link to a Google Search page where you can find a half dozen or more of Glenn's recent book talk events stored on YouTube, including conversations with author David Maraniss via Politics & Prose, film critic Leonard Maltin via Chevalier's Books, cultural historian Charles Kaiser via the Center for Brooklyn History, poet and author Arlo Haskell via Books and Books, and film scholar Rebecca Prime via Moment Magazine's Zoominar, plus several recent radio and podcast interviews.  

Glenn Frankel signs books after a talk at Book People in Austin, TX

 Read Charles Kaiser's Review in The Guardian


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"Shooting Midnight Cowboy review: the decade's first essential cultural history

Glenn Frankel’s book examines much more than the making of a film – it paints a portrait of an era"

By Charles Kaiser

Sunday March 21, 2021

"This tremendous volume offers the most detailed explication of how a movie is made that I have ever read. But Glenn Frankel’s book is much more than the story of a landmark film from 1969. Its many pleasures include a splendid cultural history of mid-20th-century Britain and New York, a concise account of the Hollywood blacklist and a brilliant double biography of the two closeted gay men most responsible for the creative energy of the movie, which is not just Frankel’s subject, but his inspiration.

"When Frankel praises Schlesinger for his “natural curiosity, humor” and “keen eye for quirky stories and intriguing characters”, he could be talking about himself. A Pulitzer-winning reporter for the Washington Post and the author of books about High Noon and The Searchers, he is a tireless researcher and a thoughtful analyst, two qualities essential for good nonfiction. But what takes this book from good to great is his graceful writing and the intelligence he brings to everything he examines.....

"It’s the first essential work of cultural history of the new decade."